Bihar Board Class 10 English Reader Solutions Chapter 7 Love Defiled

Panorama English Reader Class 10 Solutions Chapter 7 Love Defiled

Bihar Board Class 10th English Book Solutions

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Question 1.
‘It was so typical of her witty to the hilt, understanding to a fault.’ Sketch the character of the girl in the light of this statement.
The girl was very gentle in nature. She represents the latest prototype of a modern educated girl. She feels a kind of remorse in her, But at once she is happy to meet the narrator.

Question 2.
‘The louder I talked about my virtues, the faster I made a fool of myself, ‘Sketch the character of the narrator in the light of this statement.
The narrator has also a sense of remorse as the girl has. He could not define his own tender feeling of love is practical way. She he exposes a natural weakness within himself. He sees himself as a fool for himself.

Question 3.
‘For the first time in my life, I realised I was also ugly from within and despite our eight years of togetherness, her goodness had not rubbed off on me in any way.” What made the narrator feel so?
The narrator was unknown about the innocence and simplicity of a : girl. When she invited the narrator and introduced him with her IAS husband he realised his own slackness and shortcomings.

Question 4.
Has the goodness of someone ever made you feel very mean? Explain.
Yes. Goodness of some elder members in my family and friends have made me to realize my follies and mistakes. I learn much from my elders, senior friends, and teachers.

Question 5
Why did the narrator leave the girl he loved so passionately? Was he honest in his relation?
According to the terms of marriage, the narrator could not be qualifying the competitive examination of IAS and joined his profession as a journalist. No, he was not honest in his relationship.

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