Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

Bihar Board Class 11th English Book Solutions Poetry Poem 7 Village Song Text Book Questions and Answers.

Rainbow English Book Class 11 Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

Bihar Board Class 11 English Village Song Textual Questions and Answers

A. Work in small groups and discuss these questions :

Question 1.
For some unforseen reasons you are coming home late. You find yourself all alone. It is pitch-dark and you have no torch with you. What worries will haunt you ? Will you feel afraid ?
I shall be afraid of snakes or scorpion because I have no torch. I am also all alone. No body is to share my worries.

Question 2.
How do your family members respond when you come home late ?
My family members show their annoyance on my late coming. They may apprehend something wrong for me. Their fear may be of some criminals or snakes or scorpion.

Question 3.
Have you ever been rebuked for coming late ?
Yes, I have been rebuked several times, for coming late sometimes by my parents and sometimes by my grandma.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

B. 1. Answer the following briefly :

Question 1.
What was the speaker carrying ?
The speaker was carrying a pitcher (water pot), full of water.

Question 2.
From where was she carrying it ?
She was carrying it from a long distance. The way through which she was carrying it, was deserted.

Question 3.
What made her stay longer on her way back ?
She stayed longer on her way back, because she was charmed with the boatmen’s song.

Question 4.
How much passion did the girl have for song ?
The girl had very much passion for the boatmen’s song.

Question 5.
Whose cry did she hear with the fall of night ?
She (the girl) heard the shrill of the wild owl with the fall of night.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

Question 6.
Make a list of the thoughts that came to her mind on her way back ?
A number of thoughts came to her mind on her way back. The shadow (darkness) of night was gradually falling. The following thoughts haunted her mind : .
(i) In the darkness, a serpant might bite her, as there is no soft moon light to guide her.
(ii) An evil spirit might cut her into pieces.
(iii) Her brother would bother due to her delay to return.
(iv) Her mother would be worriedly weeping.
(v) The Jamuna’s water was deep and would be difficult to come across.
(vi) Who will help her if the storm would be broken.
(vii) Where she would hide herself from the lightning anytime expected.
All these thoughts came to her mind.

Question 7.
Make a list of the sounds of voices that she hears on her way back.
The sounds of voices which she heard on her way back were as noted below:
(i) She had gone through the boatmen’s song.
(ii) She heard the white crane calling.
(iii) She heard the voice of owl, shouting.
She heard all the above mentioned voices while returning to her house.

Question 8.
How dangerous is a lightening ? Explain. How would you avert it ?
The lightening is most dangerous and may be fatal. It can only be averted by the guidance of the Almighty. With his help she is hopeful to save herself from the misfortune.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

B. 2. Answer the following questions briefly :

Question 1.
Who were anxiously waiting fop her at home and why ?
Her (girl’s) mother and brother v’ere anxiously waiting for her return to her house. Her brother would be anxious to know the reason of her delay on her way back and her mother would be weeping.

Question 2.
What did she surmise for her mother to have prayed for her ?
She had guessed that her mother might have been praying God for her safe return to her house.

Question 3.
What did her mother know about the Jamuna river ?
Her mother knew that the Jamuna’s water is deep and flowing fastly.

Question 4.
What were the last two apprehensions on her way back ?
The last two apprehensions on her way back were first the storm might break anytime, then who would be helping her. Second, when there would be lightening, then it would be hard to survive. So the possibility of storm and lightening was ahead.

Question 5.
Who is Thou in the poem ? What does she pray to Him ?
The word Thou’ is used for God. She prays to Him to guide her at the time of her distress. She also makes request to provide her strength in her foot steps, so that she may get rid of the dangers.

Question 6.
Find out the rhyme scheme of the poem.
In the composition of the poem the learned poetess has arranged the rhyme as here under

  1. carry – tarry
  2. long – song
  3. night – white
  4. falling – calling
  5. linger – her
  6. weep – deep
  7. quickly – thickly
  8. betide – hide, guide
  9. sky – die
  10. cry – die.

These are rhymes which are beautifully arranged in the poem. The first line rhymes with the third line. The second line rhymes with the forth. The sixth and seventh lines rhyme together. In the same way, the eighth, nineth and tenth lines rhyme with one another, the twelfth line with fourteenth, thirteenth with fifteenth, sixteenth with seventeenth and eighteenth. Again the last but one three lines rhyme together.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

C. Long Answer Questions :

Question 1.
How has the poet picturised the fall of night ? Give details.
The poet has picturised the fall of night, with the realistic approach to the situation. It shows her deep study of nature. Her feeling is also reflectd in the poem.

The fall of night is followed by the dark shadows, swiftly and smoothly passing through. A white crane (a large wading bird) is crying out in the darkness. The shrill of owl is heard which is not pleasing to the ear. The gentle moon-light is not throwing it beams. The serpent may bite her in the darkness, The evil spirit may cut her body into pieces. The scene is, of course, horrible. ‘ The poet has painted a lively picture in the poem.

Question 2.
What does the expression, “Ram Re Ram” suggest ?
The speaker has bean returning back to her house, carrying a pitcher (water-pot) full of water. She has been attracted towards the boatman’s song. Her passions for the same has delayed her way back to her house. Meanwhile with the fall of night, the call of crane (a large wading bird) and shrill of the owl is heard. There is the apprehension of snake, in the absence of gentle moon-light. An eveil spirit may cut her into pieces. So all these things have created a feeling of death in her mind. In these circumstances she utters Ram Re Ram remembering God to help her at such a crucial time.

Again she thinks that her brother would be mentally upset and worried tor her and mother weeping and praying to God for her safe return. She further i thinks that the Jamuna’ water is flowing fast. The storm and lightening may engulf her, causing her death. She prays to God to extend such help to her, so that her foot-steps get stronger to walk. She also prays to guide her at the time of her distress. She again uses the words “Ram Re Ram”.

It appears that she has used “Ram Re Ra m” to console herself. Everybody remembers God and expresses such feelings in distress, is a fact.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

Question 3.
The poetess has used a number of homely images in the poem. Make a list of these images. What do these images really suggest about like ?
The poetess has used a number of homely images. These have been placed in the poetry very’ nicely. The details of the same is appended below—

  1. boatman’s song
  2. shadows of night are falling
  3. white crane calling
  4. wild owl’s cry
  5. tender moon beams
  6. in the darkness a serpant should bite
  7. all evil spirit should smite.

These things suggests their significance in our life. Some of them help us whereas some are dangerous to our lives.

Question 4.
How does your thought proceed when you perceive a danger ?
We experience certain sorts of dangers. They may be natural, physical and spiritual. We become perplexed to face and to think of them. To see a snake we become horrified. The storm, the lightening and such sorts of other calamities (danger) make us frightened and sometimes cause death even. To get it averted we either face it boldly or pray to God. In case if I perceive such danger, I would adopt certain measures to save me without losing my patience by going to some place.

Question 5.
Based on your experience give a description of the storm.
Nature is kind to us, by helping us to solve our problems and to enjoy the pleasure of life. But sometimes it becomes unkind. Storm is such a brutal act of nature. It causes vast devastation of human life. It creates horrible scene throughout with heavy casualities of human beings, birds, beasts and others. Building structures, trees and standing crops are badly damaged I have experienced it several times in my life. It was horrible. There was the pathetic scene in a vast area being affected by the storm. I pray to God to save us from such destruction.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

C. Composition :

Question a.
Write a letter to your father narrating ho” you were caught in a storm and how you felt at that time.

15th Jan. 2014

My dear father,

I am quite well here along with the other members of the family and hope that you will be the same. In this letter I am going to write about my experience of a storm.

Last Sunday was scheduled for my marketing. As usual I went to the market on my bicycle. As I had to buy several things I had carried several cloth-made bags with me. After marketing I returned home. It was about 6.30 p.m. On the way to home I saw the violent storm arising from the east. From the main road I took a short-cut route to reach home. I was rushing on the earthen road made on the bank of the river, the same road, you had passed through with me. Two hundred meteres before the village I caught by that violent storm. It was followed by heavy rain. There was no shelter around the road.

The earthen road had become completely slippery. The more I tried to carry my overloaded bicycle the more its tyres wrapped the muddy soil of the earthen road. On one hand, there ws the flooded river and on the other (hand) there was a deep ditch. It was getting dark. My condition was very miserable. After an hour the storm and heavy rain stopped and anyhow I reached home. Really it was a very bad experience. God had save me in such condition !

With regards

Yours Affectionately
Rakesh Kumar

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

Question b.
Suppose you are. the Mukhiya of your Panchayat. You find that staying on the river-banks late in the evening is dangerous. Now write a notice in about 50 words warning the inhabitants of your Panchayat of the dangers that might befell them if they stayed at the river-bank at nights.
Gram-Panchayat Ram Nagar, Dharbhanga


10th March, 2010

All the inhabitants of the Panchayat, Ram Nagar Dharbhanga (Bihar) are directed through this notice not to stay on the river-banks late in the evening. It is dangerous. The rivers are over-flooded. There may be a chance of breaking of river-banks. Further in this season snakes wander hither and thither at nights. In every way it is dangerous to stay on the river-banks late in the evening. So, you are warned to do so.

Kusum Jha
Mukhiya, Gram-Panchayat
Ram Nagar Dharbhanga (Bihar)

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

D. 1. Dictionary Use :

Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words:
fating— falling
weap — weep
unles — unless
moonbeems — moonbeams
quikly — quickly
sucour — succour.

Ex. 2. Look up a dictionary and write two meanings of each of the following words – the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common:
Swift; shadow; fall; call; cry; light; break; guide.
Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song 1

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song
D. 2. Word-Formation :

Ex. 1. Make adverbs from the Adjectives given below and use them (Adverbs) in sentences of your own:
clever; quick; beautiful; light; thick; soft; loud.
Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song 2

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song 3
Ex. 1. Match the words given in column ‘A’ with their meaning given in column ‘B’ ”
Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song 4
(1) – (d)
(2) – (c)
(3) – (b)
(4) – (e)
(5) – (f)
(6) – (a).

D. 4. Phrases :

Ex. 1. Use the following phrases in sentences of your own, making their meanings clear:
rush by; far off; tempted to; carry away; bring up.
Rush by: During the rainy season the waters of the Ganga rushes by very rapidly.
Far off: We did not go far off from my residence when he telephoned me.
Tempted to : I was tempted to take the day off.
Carry away : The injured were carried away on stretchers.
Bring up : After the death of his parents he was brought up by his uncle.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 7 Village Song

E. Grammar :

Ex. 1. Frame sentences using the following verbs to express supposition : fall; drawn; betide; break; collapse.
Fall: Walk slow lest you should fall.
Drown : Bath in the river where the water is not deep lest you should drown.
Betide : Use a torch at night lest a serpent should betide you.
Break : Run slow on uneven paths lest you should break your feet.
Collapse : Use suitable material to erect the building lest it should collapse.

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