Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Bihar Board Class 9th English Book Solutions Report Writing.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 1.
You are Sanjeev/Sangita of Class X. Write a report in about 80-100 words to be published in your school-magazine describing how the “Teacher’s Day” was celebrated in your school in about 80-100 words.
A Report by Sanjeev on Teacher’s Day Celebrations:
Like every year, our School celebrated the Teacher’s Day on the 5th March 2010. The students themselves chalked-out the whole day programme. All the teachers in our school were honoured guests. The school auditorium was beautifully decorated. The special attraction of the function was Mr Rajan Bhagat, the minister of education, Jharkhand who happens to be a teacher in our school. Mr Bhagat in his address on the occasion advised working unitedly for nation-building. A variety of cultural musical and folk-tribal dance was performed. The Principal thanked all the students on behalf of the teachers on this memorable day for all of us.

Question 2.
You visit a hill station a second time after three years. You find that the forest on the way has now been cut down. Write a report about it in about 80 words.
Ugly Deforestation
My second visit to the XYZ hill station was a disappointment. My fifty-mile car ride gave me no joy. The forest cover on the hill-sides was all gone. There was only dry grass in place of big trees. There were no monkeys to greet us. The chirping of birds was missing. This destruction of our flora and fauna pained me very much.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 3.
You are Vikas of Class X. You have participated as contingent leader of your school team in the Republic Day Parade this year. Write a report for the school magazine in about 80-100 words.
School’s participation in the Republic Day Parade.
31 Jan 2010
A contingent from our school took part in the Republic Day Parade, held at Ranchi, the state capital. The smart turn out of the team and their impressive march-past won the admiration of all, present on the occasion. Our team was adjudged the best and each member of the team was awarded a certificate of commendation. It was a rare honour but we had all the practice for it very hard for a full two months and as such, we performed it most beautifully. We shared the pride of this memorable event with all the staff and students.
Leader, School Contingent.

Question 4.
You are Pankaj a student of Class X. Your school celebrated Grand-Parents Day by organising various programmes in their honour. Write a report in 80-100 words for your school magazine.
Grand Parent’s Day 2011
Our school had organised “Grand Parent’s Day” on 18th March. The day was celebrated with a view to paying our gratitude to our Grand Parents. A cultural show with musical items was held in honour of the senior citizens. The grandparents of the students had been invited to enjoy the day with their grandchildren. The Grand Parents were invited and requested to say few- words from the stage. Some of them spoke of generation gaps, while others talked about their good old days. On the whole, it was a useful, inspiring and extremely enjoyable experience.
Pankaj, X B
5th March 2011

Question 5.
You are Jyoti/Jyotsna of Class X. A state science fair was organised in your city on 8th March. You along with other students of your college visited the fair. Write a report to be published in your school magazine in 80-100 words.
A State Science Fair
10 March 2011
A State Science fair was organised at Ranchi by the ministry of health and science technology on 8th March 2010. Especially displayed models and innovations which students of the science and engineering colleges in Jharkhand had made as to their projects. There were working models of the rain-water purifier, a gadget for making manure made-out of newspaper and the human waste, a very modem water heater as well as water-cooler which runs on the sun’s heat. I had gone to see this exhibition along with other students of the school and got very inspired by the activities of scientists. There was a magic show where all the tricks were explained scientifically. We all then went for a hot balloon ride. The show was very educative and inspiring.
Jyoti X C
10th March 2011

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 6.
You are Aditya/Aditi, a student of Class X. You attended a Scout and Guide Camp from 10th Jan to 16th Jan 2010. Write a report about 80-100 words for your school magazine.
Scout and Guide Camp
A Scout and Guide Camp were organised at Hazaribagh from 10th January to 16th January 2010. Students from different districts of Jharkhand had participated in it. Our P.T. Teacher had accompanied us. All, thirty of us stayed together in tents. After morning prayer and breakfast all of us went for exercises and drills of various kinds. The trainers from the police and the army taught us the skills arid particulars of Scouts and Guides for seven days we had plenty of training. On the last day, we put up entertainment programmes from all districts. A prize distribution ceremony was held followed by a campfire and a delicious dinner. We came back enriched physically as well as mentally.

Question 7.
Your school has just started a new Computer Wing. Write a report of the inaugural ceremony in not more than 40 words for your magazine.
A Report on Inauguration of The New Computer Wing
The new Computer Wing of the school was inaugurated by Dr Ravi Sharma, Principal of Govt. Polytechnic, Ranchi 26.1.2010. On this occasion, a talk on computers and their use was organised. The talk was given by Dr Arvind Sharma. His talk was very interesting and informative.
Suresh X-A.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 8.
Your school recently conducted a charity show in aid of the flood-affected people of Bhagalpur. Write a brief report of the same in not more than 40 words.
A Report on Help For Flood Affected People
A charity show was conducted by our school in aid of the flood-affected people of Bhagalpur. All the students put in their best to make the show a success. A good amount of money was collected by way of some interesting games at the fete. The entire collection of Rs. 48,350/- was sent to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund on 10th Jan. 2010.

Question 9.
You represented your school in the Quiz Contest. You have been asked to read out a report about the event in the school assembly. Write the report in about 40 words.
A Report on Inter-School Quiz Contest
I am glad to report that our team has won the Inter-School Quiz Contest. There were two other teams in the contest, one from D.A.V. School and the other from Girls High School. In the first round, the D.A.V. were leading. But in the final round, Kapil Sharma showed remarkable presence of mind, and we won the contest.
Sharda Kumari.

Question 10.
Your grandmother completed eighty-years of her age on the 15th of December, 2010. Celebrating her 80th birthday was an event for the family. Describe the event in about 40 words.
Granny’s Eightieth Birthday
Our granny was eighty years of age on the 15th of December, 2010. We celebrated the day with prayers and rejoicings. Early in the morning, all the members of the family accompanied granny to the temple. There we prayed for her health and long life. In the evening, we arranged a party in granny’s honour.

Question 11.
Your school has recently built an auditorium to hold academic and cultural programmes. Write a factual description of the auditorium for your School Magazine.
The School’s New Auditorium
It is a matter of pride that our school has now a new auditorium where academic, cultural and other programmes can be held. The auditorium is well- planned, airy and spacious. It has a seating capacity of over 600, with an aisle in the middle. The auditorium was inaugurated by the Social Welfare Minister on the seventh of Jan, 2010.
Mohan Singh.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 12.
You are a Press Reporter. Recently the Railways have cancelled a few trains due to flood. Passengers have been stranded at the Ranchi Railway Station. Write a report in about 40 words highlighting the problems faced by the passengers.
Passengers Hard Put Due to Cancellation of Trains
Patna: Feb. 26. Due to the flood-like situation caused by heavy rains for the last two days, a number of trains have been cancelled. Since the cancellation has been announced all of a sudden, a large number of passengers have been stranded at the Ranchi Railway Station. The fate of women and children particularly is pitiable.
Reported by:
Rahul Sinha.

Question 13.
You are a Press reporter with Hindustan Times in Patna. Write a report about a road accident involving a lorry and a Maruti car in which a number of people were injured.
Car Rams Into Bus
Patna: 18 Feb., Luxury bus coming from Ranchi collided with a Maruti car coming from the opposite side, 15 km, from here. The accident occurred when the car driver in his attempt to save a stray dog lost control over the wheel and crashed head-on with the bus. All the three occupants of the car—the driver, a businessman and his wife—were killed on the spot.
Reported by:
Ashok Kumar.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 14.
Your school has just celebrated its Silver Jubilee on completion of 25 years of its service to the cause of education. Write a report in not more than 40 words on the programmes that your school conducted on this occasion.
A Report on School’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Our school celebrated its Silver Jubilee with great pride on 18th Jan. 2010. On the first day, a grand fete was organised. A total Shiount of Rs. 8675 was collected. The entire amount was contributed to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. On the second day, there was a Free Eye Operation Camp, and on the third day, we had a Blood Donation Camp.

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